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NESTLE OMEGA PLUS Milk Powder Softpack 12 x 1kg

by Nestle SKU 12255514

Brand: Nestle

Last update: Apr 18, 2019 10:14 pm

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NESTLE OMEGA PLUS Milk Powder Softpack 1kg

NESTLÉ® OMEGA PLUS® is a high calcium milk that contains ACTICOL®, plant sterols which are scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by blocking the bad cholesterol (LDL) from entering the blood stream.

Two glasses of NESTLÉ® OMEGA PLUS® milk a day also fulfill 100% of your daily calcium needs and contains the right balance of Omega 3 & 6.

Skimmed Milk Powder (Cow's Milk), Corn Syrup, Milk Solids, Lactose , Low Erucic Rapeseed Oil , Corn Oil , Plant Sterol from Soya (1.9%), Minerals , Milk Fat (Cow's Milk) , Vitamins. Contains Emulsifier ( Soya Lecithin ) As Permitted Food Conditioner . Contains Permitted Flavouring . All additives are of plant or synthetic origin.


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